Monday, June 25, 2012

On The Road... Finally!

The plan was to get all packed up on Sunday, run a few last-minute errands Monday morning and then hit the road bright and early. But when Sunday night started bleeding into Monday morning and I still had hours and hours of packing left to do, I knew that plan was headed out the window. There are two reasons our departure took longer than I had hoped:

1. I can't stand traveling ill-prepared.
2. I can't stand coming home to a messy house.

So, our planned 8:00am start time ended up being 3:30pm, but I hit the road with the essentials packed (more on my travel packing system in a future post) and a house that doesn't look like a bomb hit it. Because I was pretty sleep-deprived at that point I knew I needed to do what I could to keep the stress level down to a minimum to avoid being short or cranky with my kids or our nanny (more on that in a future post too). That meant putting our favorite motto into play: Hakuna Matata!

As I understand it Hakuna Matata means "no worries" in Swahili and is generally said to remind oneself to let go of stress. And, of course, anyone who knows anything about us knows "Hakuna Matata" was the name of our boat.

On day 1 of our New Mexico to Wisconsin road trip that "Hakuna Matata" attitude led to many changes along the way. For example, instead of driving to Wichita, Kansas and having a steak dinner at a great local restaurant, we spent the night in a tiny Texas town and ate some greasy Sonic fast food. It wasn't what we had imagined as we started the trip but it got the job done and allowed us to keep smiling ... and keep on truckin' across the grand ole' U-S of A!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Land Cruising

I'm on my way to pick up a pop-up camper I just rented. This crazy fact is because we decided to take a road trip from New Mexico to Wisconsin this summer, instead of flying like we usually do. As we looked at RVs to rent I realized the thought of driving something the size of a bus did not appeal to me. At the same time I realized we have quite a bit of experience living in tight quarters. After all, didn't I live with two children, my husband, a nanny and a large German Shepherd on a 42 foot boat? How hard could this be? As I write those words, I know I will probably eat them in the next few days.

Still I'm ready for an adventure and looking forward to cruising on the land since our true love; cruising on the ocean, is not an option for us right now. The pop-up camper could be a nightmare, but it could also be a lot of fun. Like camping, only with beds and air conditioning.

I will do my best to post some of our experiences along the way.